The Gherkin

Lighting mirroring architecture

The Gherkin, designed by Foster + Partners, is a fantastic example of how light can be used to highlight a building's architecture. The dazzling glass-fronted skyscraper is one of London's most distinctive landmarks.

Entrance hall in the spotlight

The lighting concept was to reflect the building’s structure, especially its impressive reception area. To that end, lighting designer Zoe Faulkner of Troup Bywaters + Anders and architects worked closely together. Lighting and architecture were to merge into one concept: bold, adaptable, and timeless. It was important to understand the amount of daylight entering the building, as this significantly influenced the lighting concept, the interior design, and, most importantly, the choice of light colour.

Conical customisation

Each illuminated curve in the entrance hall's ceiling is a bespoke FRAME profile system, adapted to precise dimensions and angles with specific bending degrees. XAL provided a team of experts for assembly and commissioning for the ceiling installation.

The building as the focus

Visitors entering the building are greeted by a homogeneous, illuminated imprint of the iconic building structure. The building's circular floor plan was the starting point for the concept, which was inspired by the spiral structure that narrows towards the top.

"The building is the focus, and the custom lighting serves as a tool, in a sense, to showcase this iconic building."

Zoe Faulkner, Lighting Designer Troup Bywaters and Anders


My inspiration may be derived from the history of the building, a unique material within the building, past project experience or simply walking down the street and seeing an interesting design or pattern which may fuel a future design. 

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Zoe Faulkner, Lighting Designer, Troup Bywaters and Anders
Zoe Faulkner, Lighting Designer, Troup Bywaters and Anders



trim system


round recessed 1 lamp
Photographer: Andy Perkins & Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
Lighting Design: Troup, Bywaters and Anders
Architect: Foster + Partners