EANS Flight Control Centre

Friendly spaceship

Together with Moodne Valgustus XAL's Estonian partner, KAMP Architects developed the lighting concept for the EANS Flight Control Centre. The building was opened in May 2019. KAMP architect Peeter Loo sets out the challenges this project presented and their solutions.

Futuristic design ambition

The client was particularly ambitious regarding lighting in the office and in open areas such as in corridors and the lobby. Both the interior and exterior design was to reflect the company's core activity of air traffic control and management. This is why futuristic luminaires were chosen.

Acoustic challenge

The sound-reflecting materials used for the interior design of the EANS Flight Control Center in Estonia (glazed walls in the office area, exposed concrete and terrazzo floors in the lobby) posed an acoustic challenge. The simplest solution would have been to glue acoustic panels onto the ceiling, but the architects wanted something more elegant and sophisticated. The architects, therefore, used XAL's HEX-O high-quality acoustic lights. "As it turns out, the acoustics in the lobby is excellent, and there have been a few jazz concerts already," says architect Peeter Loo.

Optimum spatial atmosphere

The HEX-O luminaires' design fitted in wonderfully with the black-and-white interiors. The sound-absorbing hexagonal luminaires were also used in the first-floor corridor. The architects used a green wall (from Innogreen, a Finnish manufacturer) to instil a pleasant atmosphere.

XAL means quality

The architects sought a quality product without compromises. A few years ago, Peeter Loo visited the XAL headquarters in Graz to gain insight into the manufacturing process. He first saw the HEX-O luminaires there. These sound-absorbing designer luminaires were simply the optimal solution for the EANS project.

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"The result evokes a friendly spaceship or a relic from the science fiction film Tron."

Peeter Loo, Kamp Arhitektid

An impression of a science fiction film

EANS's three-building complex was constructed in several phases. The expansion enlarged the area while improving connections between the buildings. This was achieved with continuous light bands on the outer façade. Moodne Valgustus and XAL's technical know-how were of particular added value for the architects during the implementation.


Photographer: Tõnu Tunnel
Architect: KAMP Arhitektid