Office fit-out in Soho

Art gallery or office

Art gallery or office? It is both for the company and its impressive art collection. The Design Haus Liberty/DHL architects and lighting designer Alkestie Skarlatou sought to exhibit the art collection in a gallerylike environment. They also wanted to create a space as a place to linger and that would entertain clients. Although an office, it should be more like a high-quality cultural or leisure space that changes its atmosphere from day to night.

Magnetic lighting

Finding the most flexible possible solution was the challenge for those rooms not dedicated to art exhibitions and that often change. Simultaneously flexible and simple, on-site employees can operate it without having to call in a specialist luminaire installer. The MOVE IT 25 magnetic track system with its various insets offers exactly this flexibility. The tool-less mounting of spotlights, decorative, and linear insets delivers countless unique combination options. These advantages were fully exploited in this project. The PIVOT graphic inset crafted an amazing ceiling pattern over the lounge area. The elegant and decorative TULA pendant luminaire delivered an ideal atmosphere in the meeting areas. The linear spotlines or opal insets were optimally combined to meet all requirements.

Custom spots on rods

To showcase the works of art in the best possible light, lighting designer Alkestie Skarlatou and XAL worked together on bespoke spots where there is no track. The standard BO 70 spotlights were therefore modified to be mounted on fixed rods. The adjustable beam angle was a key function for lighting the artworks in various dimensions. This tailored solution was particularly suited for the seating areas and booths, each of which boasts a large painting or art object.

Track around the corner

The MOVE IT 25 track system was ideally suited for most of the company's rooms - whether for the gallerylike environment in the main room, the meeting rooms or even for the bar and kitchen area. Bespoke tracks made the extremely oblique angles along the track in the main room work brilliantly. This was a key feature for both the interior and lighting designers. The track thus served as the frame for the various types of luminaires throughout the main space.

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“It was a great experience for me to work with a partner who offers office-friendly luminaires that simultaneously score points for elegant design and corresponding flexibility - flexible in application and when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions together - ideal for this project.”

Alkestie Skarlatou, Lighting Designer/lightinspace


lightinspace is managed by Alkestie Skarlatou, who has eighteen years of experience in architectural lighting design. The lighting designer appreciates working with large and prestigious architectural firms and has completed some of the most prominent projects in London and around the world, with a portfolio of projects ranging from residential, commercial, retail, hotel, spa, transport, outdoor, and landscape projects. Alkestie Skarlatou is a member of the Professional Architects in Great Britain, the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Architects' Registration Board in Great Britain. In 2015 she was awarded the prestigious IALD Award of Merit for the Knightsbridge project and in 2017 she received the 40under40 Personal Award for lighting designers. She is actively involved in the academic field and teaches at the renowned Bartlett School of Graduate Studies.

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Alkestie Skarlatou, Lighting Designer, lightinspace
Alkestie Skarlatou, Lighting Designer, lightinspace


Photographer: Gavriil Papadiotis
Architect: Design Haus Liberty / DHL
Lighting Design: lightinspace / Alkestie Skarlatou