Klanglicht 2018 - festival of light and sound in Graz

Following the exceptional successes of the past years, this year XAL has once again been the main sponsor supporting the “Klanglicht” Festival of Light and Sound. As the location of the XAL headquarters, the city of Graz showed itself in a spectacular light, staged at 17 different locations by international and Austrian artists. “As a leading manufacturer of LED lighting systems, light is also something that inspires us,” commented Dwayne Waggoner, Head of Lighting Design at XAL. “Ever since I have been working with light, there is always something new to learn, whether it be new technology or an even deeper insight into how light changes our perception of space. When you are working with light, there is never a dull moment.” If you were unable to attend the festival, we have produced a brief summary of the highlights for you.