Aperitif and more

A multifunctional restaurant concept outside Bolzano. Regarding the unique combination of lounge, restaurant, and clubbing bar, bergundtal Architects created an interior in cooperation with the client that fulfils a design requirement while remaining functional. A place where you start with a café with friends and colleagues, and which invites you to party and dance from the aperitif onwards.

Holistic spatial concept

THE RAUM is located in an industrial area in Bolzano, but its well thought out interior concept still offers an Italian flair from morning until late at night. The character of the area was taken up and underlined by timeless, simple materials and colours. The bar is the central element when entering. The restaurant is on the left, the lounge on the right. The lighting concept had to be coordinated with all these areas and still work together harmoniously.

The bar as a connecting element

The architects' idea of using a concave bar as a highlight was optimally staged by the lighting. The decorative profile luminaires serve as an essential design and atmospheric element. Because a correctly selected light colour creates atmosphere – and changes it. Therefore, a Tunable White PIVOT was used with a changing colour temperature, so that lighting scenes can be set to enhance the desired feeling of space.

Tuned to the moment

The increased brightness on the table surfaces optimises food presentation. From lunch to dinner clubbing: Tunable White also enables an excellent lighting mood in harmony with natural daylight. The MOVE IT system with JUST spots and ARY pendant luminaires take a back seat, supporting the scenarios. In addition, light and music can be controlled via iPad – matched to the desired atmosphere.

Extended lounge area

The SASSO ceiling spots emphasise the timeless, elegant interior of the lounge area and set accents where needed – in this case, the materiality of the walls. The private area can be used for special occasions. JANE’s decorative light cables deliberately charge the room with tension and captivate any guest.

"As architects, we were thrilled by the decorative, casual luminaires that bring perfect light where it is wanted and form a harmonious symbiosis with the interior."

Alexander Huber and Philipp Lanthaler, bergundtal Architects


Light, together with the furnishings, is the key design element of any object. Both the interior and the lighting must be coherent. The right lighting mood and direction must prevail to achieve a synergy and create a round story.

Alexander Huber

Architect, bergundtal

Philipp Lanthaler

Architect, bergundtal 



semi-recessed / surface / suspended

SASSO 60 base

2 lamps ceiling


MOVE IT 25 / 25 S / 45


MOVE IT 25 / 25 S / 45


MOVE IT 25 / 45
Photographer: rené riller fotografie
Architect: bergundtal gmbh.