h&z Business Consulting Mu­nich

Vibrant working and living space

Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten have implemented a new office concept across 2,500 square metres in a central location in Munich for h&z, an international management consultancy. Interior designer Christine Sellmeijer provides insight into the project's vision and explains the role lighting plays.

More than workplace lighting

The concept was to create contemporary spaces on six levels, offering a mix of modern workspaces and open-space areas. Other flexible workplace options ranging from project and workshop rooms to think tanks and communication areas complemented this. The selected colour concept and the differentiated furnishing in the various areas guaranteed orientation and identification.

Ideal atmosphere

The ground floor’s Bar Centrale is the office concept's highlight. It is designed with strong colours and offers further informal lounging areas for staff and guests. This creates an ideal atmosphere for h&z staffs' working and living space.

Linear luminaire concept

The lighting concept needed to go beyond simple task lighting -- it had to highlight the materials and colours used as well. The client's wishes were fully met by the linear luminaire concept, which extends across the wall and ceiling connecting the entire ground floor area. XAL's MOVE IT track system with its various modules was a perfect match for the design of the linear and accent lighting of the bistro tables and counter lighting.

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What inspires you about light and what does light do for you? 

The expectations for good light go far beyond pure function. Mood and distinctiveness are just as important to me. We want to create rooms with character where people feel comfortable.

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Christine Sellmeijer, DI Interior Architect, Landau + Kindelbacher
Christine Sellmeijer, DI Interior Architect, Landau + Kindelbacher

Photographer: Werner Huthmacher
Architect: Landau + Kindelbacher
Lighting Design: Landau + Kindelbacher