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Are you tomorrow’s expert? An apprenticeship makes sure of it.

An apprenticeship gives you a sound educational foundation, ensuring a good professional future. We view our apprentices as the up-and-coming experts and managers of tomorrow. The truth of this statement is clearly demonstrated in the wealth of successful career paths at XAL. During an apprenticeship, you will gain both the theoretical understanding and the practical skills you need for your job. You will have the opportunity to try out different things, to constantly add to your learning, to take on greater responsibility, step by step, and to experience both small and great success. You will benefit from the support of your team and your assigned training coach throughout your development. Naturally, if you or your parents have questions at any time, the apprenticeship coach is always available. And before we forget: You will also be earning your own salary at an early stage, to afford those things that are important to you. Not bad, right? So, why not start now, and find out which apprenticeship is right for you. We have a great selection to choose from.

Our apprenticeships

Technical apprenticeships

Commercial apprenticeships

"As an apprentice coach, I help all our apprentices with any questions about their apprenticeship and support them in the adventure of everyday working life. I myself did my apprenticeship at XAL and therefore know exactly what counts."

Sabrina Ritz 

Apprentice coach

Technical apprenticeship

We offer a wide range of technical apprenticeships. Choose the apprenticeship that you enjoy.

Open apprenticeships

Process engineer
Apprenticeship years: 3,5 years

Your job involves programming and operating machinery, such as lathes and milling machines, supporting production planning and monitoring production machine processes and product quality. You are also responsible for the planned maintenance of tooling and machinery. You have a natural aptitude for technology and enjoy organising and taking on responsibility.

Metal technician (machining technology)
Apprenticeship years: 3,5 years

Your job involves the set-up, programming and operation of lathes and milling machines based on technical drawings. You will monitor and optimise the manufacturing process. You are also responsible for the planned maintenance of tooling and machinery. You have an aptitude for technology and technical processes and enjoy organising and taking on responsibility. You have an inquiring mind, are very willing to learn and have a positive outlook on your apprenticeship.

Electronics technician (applied electronics)
Apprenticeship years: 3,5 years + additional module: 4 years

You will be creating, assembling and repairing electronic circuits, components and printed circuit boards. LEDs, soldering and circuits are part of your daily work environment. You will be active as the Electronics Technician when we develop and implement new ideas and applications. You have a very precise, meticulous and creative approach, possess good hand working skills and a sound understanding of technology.

Electrical engineer (electrical and building services)
Apprenticeship years: 3,5 years + additional module: 4 years

Your job involves electrotechnical installation, assembly and maintenance work. Your toolbox of screwdrivers, drills and measure and test devices is part of your daily work. You will also be able to read assembly, circuit and wiring diagrams. You have an aptitude for technology, work precisely, have good hand working skills and show a responsible attitude.

IT technician
Apprenticeship years: 3,5 years

You just love the world of computers and technology. Your job will involve the installation, configuration and testing of IT equipment, such as PCs, laptops, tablets and printers, and ensuring that hardware and software operate smoothly. Networks, servers, data storage and backup systems are part of your daily work environment. You are able to concentrate and work precisely and enjoy communicating with others.

Application developer – Coding
Apprenticeship years: 4 years

You will develop websites and provide support to our software team in programming our product database. You will learn a range of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and MySQL. You will work with Linux and CM systems and conduct version controls using Git. You are inventive, enjoy thinking through new solutions and really like to work with PCs. You are good with numbers and codes and enjoy programming. You are able to concentrate and apply an analytical and structured approach to thinking. You are accurate and dependable and have a natural enthusiasm for innovation and new technical trends.

Structural draughtsperson
Apprenticeship years: 3,5 years

Your work involves PC-based technical drawing, generating quotations and lighting plans together with presentations, liaison with customers and electricians and support to the sales team in preparing customer appointments. You have a meticulous approach, an aptitude for technology, good spatial awareness and enjoy communicating with others.

Technical draughtsperson
Apprenticeship years: 4 years

You implement ideas from developers and designers by using CAD programs on the PC to create technical drawings on which you specify important information for production, such as dimensions and surface finishes of the individual components. You enjoy working precisely on the PC. You have a good technical understanding and spatial awareness.

Production measurement technician
Apprenticeship years: 4 years

As part of our quality management team, you will ensure that our luminaires and components comply with all standards and specifications. You measure and test luminaire parts and complete luminaires. You evaluate, document and visualise the measurements. You consider how processes can be optimised. You will learn how to operate and programme our 3D coordinate measuring machine. You will create drawings for the measurements in a 3D programme. You like technology and enjoy working in a precise and structured manner. High quality and detail are important to you. 

Media specialist
Apprenticeship years: 3 years

Your job involves the layout of online and printed items, such as product catalogues, posters, folders, advertisements and presentations. You will work with special graphics and image processing software. You are creative but also very precise and have a good design sense. You are very familiar with computers and love to be creative.

My internship in London

"London. What an exciting city! It has always been my dream to go abroad, and this was THE chance for me. I had the opportunity to do my internship abroad at the XAL London Office and live in this cool city and work in a team for a whole six weeks. It was quite a challenge, but it was really fun! I experienced and saw a lot and developed linguistically, culturally, and personally. An experience that I would definitely not want to have missed."

Giulia Edlacher-Kumer

Apprentice office clerk

Commercial apprenticeships

We offer a wide range of commercial apprenticeships. Choose the apprenticeship that you enjoy.

Open apprenticeships

Logistics clerk
Apprenticeship years: 3 years

Your job is to organise the optimum flow of goods and make it happen: the right goods, in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity. You also take control of deliveries, ensuring proper storage, control of quality, packing of goods and stock control. You enjoy planning and coordinating, are careful in your work and have physical strength and endurance.

Industrial clerk
Apprenticeship years: 3 years

You will be responsible for providing the administrative support for product development and management, production planning, manufacturing, material flow and occupational safety. You will act as a point of coordination, providing lists and assessments and communicating with other employees. You have an accurate and responsible approach and enjoy working on a computer and interacting with people.

Finance and accounting assistant
Apprenticeship years: 3 years

Numbers are your world. In our bookkeeping department you will record and control data, monitor incoming and outgoing funds and take responsibility for booking regular business transactions and the correct filing of documents. You will also be involved in budget planning and annual financial statements. You are very precise in your work with a good attention to detail.

Administrative assistant
Apprenticeship years: 3 years

As an Administrative assistant, you are responsible for the many and varied office tasks in your department, including; making calls, writing e-mails, creating lists and assessments and arranging appointments. You have a pleasant manner and enjoy working with a PC, organising and communicating with others. Administrative Assistants are active within the wide range of departments at XAL.

E-Commerce administrator
Apprenticeship years: 3 years

You provide support to our B2B online shops and product catalogues, working on social media campaigns, creating statistics and assessments, analysing both user behaviour and search and buy behaviour of customers and subsequently offering your own ideas on improvement. You are precise, enjoy working with numbers, analyses and assessments and are ready to contribute ideas.


Then apply with us. If you still have a question, please contact us at 0316.3170.8015 or lehre@xal.com.

We are looking forward to meeting you! Because: We have confidence in you.

Open apprenticeships