YODEZEEN in conversation

What role does light play within your own four walls

We asked architect duo Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev from YODEZEEN what is particularly important, as well as about the current trends in home lighting design.

What role does light play in our daily lives in our own homes?Artem Zverev: Light is an aesthetic that is literally reflected in our philosophy. The right lighting is about perfectionism, which you simply cannot disagree with. This is about how our space and everything that we have placed in it will be presented correctly and interestingly. Lighting is the brightest and the finest element of the interior design, its final chord that tops up its character and "soul".

How does light influence the mood and atmosphere in different living areas?
Artur Sharf: Luminance is about necessity. And its ending point is to create the atmosphere, the hue and the temperature of the space. And the brightest point is to become one of the main elements of the planning. Every zone we plan is unique, and thus the lights there are so as well, they become even dramatic.

Has light in living spaces changed in recent years? Are there any current trends in the interior design of the living areas?Artur Sharf: The illumination is instrumental in interior design, for which read — a muse, sometimes. The sphere has got a rapid growth, becoming film looking. Today we are meeting more and more lighting designers, and they are creating yet more unputdownable products.


What is particularly important concerning lighting in living areas? What should you pay attention to during the planning process?

Artur Sharf: Lighting is about eternity, so that it is so important if we are talking about architecture — it should be everywhere. The fixture has to be pointwise, making a point of needed details. And the decorative luminaire is the instrument to mop everything up. As a matter of necessity we recourse to background illumination or optical beams.

Artem Zverev: While working on the master bedroom, we keep in mind it should be shimmered. To make it cinematic we play with a delicate gradation and booster-lights. The tap lights also take their place in hotels. After all, we are talking about places you usually recreate in and put everything away for later. Such spaces have a special atmosphere.


Which style element should not be missing in an apartment?
Artem Zverev: Well, the professional implementation. Every design you call "stylish" has 1 obligatory fundamental — the right architecture. If your planning is intelligible, then your design is coming into fruition perfectly. Such interiors are called unique and instagrammable.


Which room is your favorite and why?
Artur Sharf: The favorite room is a room for experiments. But still the most important is the primary area: starting with the point of entrance and finishing with the guest restroom. 'Cause it's the first time you get acquainted with the client and map the design out.


Which lighting mood do you like best?
Artur Sharf: By the way, seems like it is also about trends. Early on 10 years ago we were making "naked" ceilings with surface-mounted luminaire. For now, we came up with the trendsetting by using the lighting tracks. We trust it and love it for its flexibility, freedom for creativity and comfort.

Artem Zverev: The lighting technologies allow us to "change the world around", according to daypart, moods and atmosphere. And it declares aloud the progress in comfort, even without mentioning presence sensors and so on.


What is the philosophy behind Yodezeen?
Artur Sharf: The company's philosophy is based on three components, each of which, playfully, but intelligently forms a unique YODEZEEN style. The first and the most conscious is the high aesthetics of the interiors. Further we will come to a very high level of project implementation, its quality. And then you can get carried away with high functionality. In general, the whole philosophy of the company is about high art.

Artem Zverev: And our partners' and contractors' sameness is not least importantly. It doesn't matter we are talking about lighting, furniture, setting, even rugs and textile — everything is a piece of product design, just this side of haute aesthetics.


How would you describe your personal interior Design style?
Artem Zverev: We love to provoke aesthetics to lend itself: in colors, textures, combinations of materials. We always strive and so that we create perfectly. And if we talk about style, it is all about contemporary, classic and eclectic. But there is no single term other than the very YODEZEEN.